Botugen is the only professional programe for the reconstruction of brittle, damaged hair that effectively penetrates damaged areas, to repair from the inside.

Imagine a strand of hair was a puzzle, chemical, enviromental and mechanical damage remove puzzle pieces, leaving the hair in a damaged and porous state.
Botugen has 3 key ingredients that basically fill and plump the hair.

BOTOLIFE: Penetrates into the problem areas of the cortex and reconstructs damaged hair from the inside, strengthening the cuticle and making it compact and elastic.

KERATIN: Restores lost protein to the hair fibre, strengthening it and making it more resistant, compact and robust. It integrates perfectly into the hair, repairing and restructuring it.

HYALURONIC ACID: Captures water and fills up poorly hydrated areas, returning and restoring the hair to the perfect amount needed.On contact with the water present in hair, the botolife molecule expands, creating a three- dimensional mesh that makes the hair’s fibre thicker and more voluminous. The hair instantly returns to its natural protein balance, gaining a healthy and more vital look.

I tried it out and my damaged brittle ends have been revived and i have incredible shine. When i iron my hair it lasts longer and it stays soft.

“Adding keratin to the hair……..” doesn’t that sound familiar? This is NOT a Brazilian. The botugen system is the first of its kind hair treatment that penetrates into the hair cortex and adds Keratin as opposed to coating the outside of the hair shaft, and because it is also free of all sulphates and other salts, it can be used together as a great treatment plan for your hair.

While there is a home maintenance plan, this is an in-salon treatment and it only adds an extra 25 minutes to the normal blow drying plan.

I would recommend doing it every 4 – 6 months, best done inbetween chemical services or Brazilians.

The cost is approximately R390 for short hair, R450 meduim length hair and R800 for long hair.

I absolutely LOVE this product and I WILL be stocking it this month. Because it has only just been launched, it will only be in the salon in a few weeks. ❤

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