Everything you need to know about having the BEST wedding hairstyle.

Planning the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day is just as important as planning the event itself.

Thanks to Pinterest, there is no shortage of inspirational styles, but what exactly do you need to consider to get the wedding hair of your dreams? Today I will be discussing the determining factors in achieving the best wedding hairstyle to match your face and overall bridal style, as well as giving you the tips that every bride needs to know about your trial.

The determining factors for the best hairstyle:

1. LOCATION AND TIME OF DAY: If you’re getting married on the beach, outdoor or during the day, a softer, more romantic style would be ideal. This is either half up, half down or all down with looser curls and waves, maybe a braid or two. Slightly more bohemian styles. Nighttime or ballroom weddings require bolder styles, up-styles with a few accessories, something more dramatic.

2. WEATHER: If it’s raining please make sure that you have an umbrella on hand, but cooler temperatures mean that you can have any hairstyle you want.

For hotter and humid days an upstyle would be better suited so that you don’t have to worry about your curls falling or sticking to your back. A humidity-resistant heat protector or spray should also be used to prevent frizz. If you are dead set on a softer more romantic look then consider a messy bun that can be unclipped and let down when the weather cools.

3. FACIAL STRUCTURE AND LESS FLATTERING FEATURES: Your hairstyle should enhance and move attention to your best features. Brides with beautiful high cheekbones or fuller faces should avoid straight hair or harshly pulled back up styles. You need curly, bigger, bolder hairstyles.

Ladies with smaller faces suit softer, looser waves if your hair is down. A simple upstyle also works. Bigger, more dramatic styles will just take away from your face.

Bigger or sticky-outy ears, as well as large noses, require softer volume up styles, hair over the ears or loose curls around the face.

4. WEDDING DRESS: Remember here, LESS IS MORE! Your hair should match your dress and your personal style, not compete with it. If your dress is full of embellishments and glittering details, intricately woven lace over the shoulders or anything extravagant, subtle and elegant hair is the way to go.

A simple dress leans towards a bolder, more dramatic hairstyle.

An open-back design is best shown off with a side braid or ponytail.

A boob-tube dress should always have hair down to ensure flow from head to dress, an upstyle with this dress could make the head appear to be separate. If an upstyle is worn with a boob-tube dress, long earrings are needed to ensure flow.

Your hairstyle should complement your dress.

5. HAIR LENGTH, VOLUME AND TEXTURE: Be realistic with your expectations of your Pinterest ideas! Hair length and thickness play an important role in choosing your perfect bridal hairstyle. If your hair is too short or thin, you could consider hair extensions or even shorter styles.

Hair texture determines the longevity of your style, fine hair can only have light flowers, soft vine or small jewelled hair clips. While anything heavy can only be used in medium and thick hair types.

VEIL OR NO VEIL? : Always let your hairstylist know if you are wearing a veil. An intricate, airy upstyle will be ruined by a veil. A veil requires a sturdy base, whether it be a low bun or half-up style.

Ladies, these are only guidelines, you can have any style you want, as long as you pull it off with confidence. Your bridal style should be a representation of you and your own personal style.

Now that you have the perfect hairstyle chosen, here are some tips on how to bring your wedding hair vision into life.

The Trial: This is a necessity, not an option. This is the perfect time to meet your stylist if you haven’t used her before. Here’s what you need to know.

1 PRE-PREP YOUR HAIR: Make sure that your hair is clean, dry and product free when you arrive for your trial. A trial does not include a hair wash and dry.

2. HAVE VISUALS: Make sure that you have your mood board or inspirational boards from Pinterest on hand. Tell your stylist exactly what you envision. Discuss your options and the determining factors that brought you to this vision.

3. DISCUSS ACCESSORIES: This is everything from pretty little clips, tiara, veil, flower crown or hair extensions. Your stylist can help you get some of these but it is important that your stylist is aware of these before she starts creating.

4. HAVE REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS: No head of hair is identical so don’t expect an exact replica of your picture. You may like what you see straight away, but if it doesn’t look like the picture in your head or it doesn’t suit your face or personal style….. JUST BREATHE. This is why you are here. Nothing will be sprayed or glued in place so give the stylist a chance to take a few clips out and keep on tweaking your style until you are happy with what you see.

5. YOUR HAIR ROUTINE LEADING UP TO THE WEDDING: Now is the time to discuss the plan of action and schedule in the necessary hair processes with your stylist before the wedding.

Any of the following may be necessary to ensure your BEST hair for the day:

  • Trim
  • Colour or highlights
  • Brazilian for a frizz free honeymoon
  • Damage repair treatments
  • Growth shampoo and conditioner.

6. BOOK AN EARLY START FOR THE WEDDING DAY: Be prepared for an early start, especially if you have an early wedding or have a big bridal party. The bride’s hair and make up can take 60 to 90 minutes each, 30 to 45 minutes per bridesmaid or family member. The bride should be done last. Time flies so take in every moment, take lots of pics and enjoy that champagne.

7. An emergency hair kit is also an option, this is just a mini hairspray and a few clips. This is only if you want to change your hairstyle for your reception. Maybe a few clips out and a few curls let down for a half up half down style, or a hair clipped up into a quick messy bun. This will be pre-planned and your stylist will tell you what to do.

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