Glam Glow and Estee Lauder Give Away

a review on a day full of discounted shopping and an awesome giveaway

On the 4th of May I was lucky enough to attend the VIP Estee Lauder company sale. This is an event that no one actually knows of and I’m hoping to crack the nod for the next one!

There was such an array of people my friend Jess and I were trying to understand exactly how one gets their ticket. We were lucky as jess’s significant other works for Alexander Forbes and their client is Eeste lauder.

The event was interesting, to say the least, and not quite what we expected. There were many beauty vendors such as Smash Box, MAC, Clinique and Micheal Kors are just a few to mention. I was a chaotic woman walking around with see-through bags filled to the brim of products marked down by almost 60-70%. Getting to a counter to see what they had was a push and a shove. It is a two-day event and I must admit if I do ever go again I’ll be attending the Friday rather as the stock was being cleaned out by the second and they didn’t have quite a few of the things we were looking for.

That being said I still managed to walk away with a few awesome goodies for Tracy and I which I will share on insta.

In our Instagram giveaway, we are giving one lucky winner a glam glow cleanser and moisturizer as well as an Estee Lauder firming eye gel worth R1725 in the shops! So pop on over- there 3 easy steps to enter.

This giveaway will end on Saturday the 11th of May 2019.

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